Literacy 4 Leaders Webinars

This free webinar series is available for administrators who want to gain a deeper understanding of literacy and how to support their teachers in providing effective instruction in reading and writing. Each installment of the series will include tips for what administrators can look for when observing ELAR classes and ways they can encourage growth in their teachers' expertise. Webinars will be recorded rather than live and sent to administrators on a regular schedule for optimal convenience. Click on the link to the right to sign up for the mailing list and receive webinar notifications. 

Virtual CLASS Offerings

A CLASS is a learning experience designed with flexibility in mind. Each CLASS will be open for 4-6 weeks and includes a workbook, learning videos, and 2 or more live group coaching calls. Participants will have access to a learning platform for the duration of the class where they will receive the materials to accompany each session. They may work through the material at their own pace or follow the suggested pacing calendar provided upon enrollment. Participants are encouraged to try suggested activities in the classroom and complete a reflection form prior to group coaching calls. The reflections will serve as evidence of learning as well as provide a guide for the live call. All live calls will be recorded and available throughout the remainder of the course window for enrolled participants to access. 

Learning LABS

Learning LABS are deep explorations of specific learning concepts and typically last 12-24 weeks. These experiences are customized based on campus/district needs and are purposefully structured and sequenced to provide an in-depth understanding of the content. LABS consist of multiple 2-3 week coaching cycles in which participants learn and apply practices in their classrooms, have opportunities to attend group coaching calls, and receive individual coaching. Participants will be required to record their teaching and/or content application and use a secure, video-based coaching platform to receive personalized feedback. Upon registration, participants will receive a syllabus including a schedule for uploading videos during each coaching cycle. *Registration is only offered after an administrator consultation. To schedule a consultation, click on the link below.

Learning LABS include:

Access to secure coaching platform

LAB Guide workbook (dependent on the LAB)

Targeted teaching videos for each coaching cycle

LAB members-only group coaching calls

Individual coaching feedback.  

 Current Resource List


PLC Resources

These resources are designed to be led by a campus facilitator. Each resource contains a video overview, presentation slides and notes, activities to do with the teachers, and a facilitator guide. A link to a website containing all materials will be sent at the time of purchase. Preview of example resources are available upon request.