Consulting services are provided to help you meet your needs in customized ways. Whether you are looking to provide training for an entire staff, support individuals with personalized learning goals, or get assistance with assessing the effectiveness of your overall learning development program, I will work with you to determine the type of service that will offer the support you need. 

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Professional development is a key element in building effective organizations.  I offer a wide array of professional learning content that can be delivered in a variety of modes, including virtual and traditional learning sessions. All delivery modes can be customized to match both the time frame needed and the learning level of participants.  


Individual Leadership & Growth Coaching

This service can be arranged by individual clients or organizations who would like to provide support for employees. An initial session will be scheduled to co-create goals and establish learning outcomes. A minimum of six sessions is required for this service.  Individual coaching is best for those who are seeking to grow and will commit to the actions that will create the results they want to see. 

Group & Team Coaching

Group  & team coaching can support multiple people in meeting a common goal.  Team coaching is provided to facilitate leaders in developing cohesive, high-performing teams that function at peak capacity.  Each group and team coaching program can be customized to address the specific needs of the organization. 

Video-based Coaching

Video-based coaching can provide an effective way for teachers, coaches, managers, and other leaders to deepen their understanding of their own practices. This service can be combined with on-site coaching or be provided independently. To maximize the effectiveness of video-based coaching, an initial consultation (face-to-face or virtual) will be conducted to prioritize areas of needs and design an appropriate coaching plan. The plan will include coaching cycles which will consist of specific learning targets and will include content to support understanding of focus areas. The application of this learning will be demonstrated by uploading videos using  a secure platform where feedback will be given. This is a great way to facilitate personalized or group learning goals. 

Instructional coaching 

This service provides job-embedded support to facilitate learning. Observations, demonstrations, debriefing, and reflection are used to help leaders meet professional learning goals. An initial consultation will include discussion about learning outcomes, current initiatives/priorities, and expected results. Initial observations will be used to develop a strategic coaching plan. Individual or group coaching can be arranged.  This service is particularly effective in schools and other learning organizations.