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Administrators face the daunting tasks of assessing the needs of their staff and determining the most effective ways to meet those needs. I provide customized consulting services to assist in planning ways to meet your professional learning needs. I offer comprehensive literacy program reviews, facilitated planning and design sessions, and traditional professional development sessions customized for your specific needs.    

Instructional Coaches

Instructional coaching can be a confusing and frustrating job. Often coaches are thrust into the position with little to no training. While many coaches obtain their position because they were excellent classroom teachers, the skills required to be an effective coach are vastly different. As a former instructional coach, I understand the needs and lack of resources available for instructional coaches. Because of this, I offer a variety of professional learning experiences tailored to address the needs of K-12 instructional coaches. 


Teachers have the most challenging and rewarding job. It requires high levels of knowledge, patience, and creativity. Professional development is critical for teachers to grow in and deepen their knowledge of content and best practices. Whether it is learning the foundations of literacy or exploring new approaches to reading and writing, there is always something to learn. I provide a range of professional learning services for teachers in all grade levels.